life's rich pageant

the girls sing deck the halls!
a vapid burlesque promenade
starring blintzes and bourbon balls,
pretty girls mouthing deck the halls
who came here to escape the malls,
glistening girls who think you're odd.
besotted girls stumble down the halls
in a spectacular holiday promenade.


  1. This is probably a poetic form...oh there it is. Triolet.
    This is so delightful. Great rhymes. i like the repetition, too. My favorite line to say out-loud is: starring blintzes and bourbon balls.
    A fun read for tonight.

  2. hah. thanks, cami.
    this poem started with "blintzes and bourbon balls" and spiraled out of control. hee!

  3. that is the scene here at High School - just saw a troop of girls in mini Santa skirt/dresses...actually they just walked in!


  4. Your poetry often challenges me and always teaches me something new. Triolet? Blintzes and bourbon balls - what a memory that brings back. My mom and a neighbor once made bourbon balls for Christmas. Dinner was late and giggly and brightly cheered. I believe that was the last time Mom made them.

  5. you are sweet, thank you.
    i was thinking of making some bourbon balls, but my tummy already hurts. :)
    old ollie? yikes! that is all.
    peace to all of you! xoxox


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