aspen dreams

there was a light, and i moved toward it,
but then there was this audible sigh,
as though all the universe had imploded
upon the mention of your name out loud.
afraid, i took cover under a great conifer,
waiting, watching for any threat at all,
but noting only squirrels and sparrows,
i grabbed a nearby sled to fly away.
it was more like a ski with a seat,
just like the one john denver fashioned
and shuttled in a rocky mountain high
christmas special, maybe starring muppets.
dismounting at the bottom, casual-like,
i kept checking behind me for followers
but there were none. i found my car and left,
excoriating myself for my grand paranoia,
wondering where you are and whether i'd sleep.


  1. marvelous! "under a great conifer"

    C is for conifers, my kind of trees!

  2. oh man! all the musical influences, here.

  3. Ah, that DOES tend to happen at the mention of certain names. And yet, the names sometimes insist upon being mentioned, and at the most inconvenient times.

    "casual-like" belongs in a poem. Now it is in one. Now, walk away cool and slow like you meant to do all that. Love this poem.

  4. This sounds like the worst kind of anxiety dream (of which I'm a master)

  5. heh. i am good at anxiety dreams, too. sigh.

  6. the last two lines are my life, daily

    get out of my head, Marian. Wait, you're one of the few people I'd allow in there.

    loved this one

  7. The telling itself is dreamlike... I like that and love

    as though all the universe had imploded
    upon the mention of your name out loud.

    Brilliant, that, and the last line, so wistful

  8. I liked the telling of the story as well.
    Instantly my brain heard the noises in that echoey, eerie sound that comes from tall trees and snow.

  9. Fantastic! I so love it! Love the "casual-like".......love the ski-seat image!

  10. intriguing.a series of differing emotions bubbling under the surface, jostling to raise themselves.worth a few readings.

  11. I hope you don't mind that I cracked up over "excoriating"! Mystics in the middle ages flailing themselves with twigs. I really like your use of words: "great conifer" sounds so majestic, and "grand paranoia" sounds almost majestic as well. Certainly better than a tiny phobia. I love it. I was right there with you, all the way.

  12. i approve of cracking up over poetry!


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