with your carbon-copy progeny,
you look like you stepped out
of a jeans commercial, still.

freckling for all you are worth,
your dazzling close-up smile
hides the ills of twenty years.

my memory of you, wine-soaked,
out-of-bounds. that you were.
you are perfect for the beach.

but, you know, i guess if mine
was a furniture-catalog family,
i would put us on display, too.


  1. wow. striking phrasing and powerful delivery with a tinge of sarcasm...perfect mix! Nice!


  2. I picture this all in the washed out tones of a 90's Abercrombie catalog...

  3. One thing is for sure - you can never know a person by assessing their manner or appearance. People are all icebergs. Both the song and this poem say it all too clearly.

  4. I know a few of those furniture-catalog families,... and I know all about the whole familial facade thing and I gotta say it makes me sad when I see it now but understand the necessity sometimes

    stinging and witty as ever, girl

  5. Well said. I remember some of those furniture-catalog families. I don't know many of them now, however.
    An excellent post.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. LOVE it. "freckling for all you are worth"...get out. "perfect for the beach"...the last stanza...did I mention that I love this?

    PS--the Ron Sexsmith cd that I have and like so well is called "Retriever."

  7. Love this! Those picture perfect, carbon copy families are so annoying! I like to think of all the awful things that go on behind closed doors to make myself feel better!

  8. i know, right?
    it ended up snarky and bitterish.
    not my favorite attributes, to tell the truth.

  9. Yes, teeth! (big grin) What a cool take on the prompt, Marian! I love it.

  10. Wow. "A furniture-catalogue family." Wonderfully said. Love the tinge of sarcasm in this poem. A very creative take on the prompt.

  11. Great Work...I have run across some furniture catalogue families...all perfection on the outside but a mess inside


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