what is what

willow branch earthward,
a brittle leaf crumples.
if the truth starts now,
what about our promises?

pretty little words born
from blood & ice cream--
how come we couldn't see
my fall would be so hard
it shattered everything?

i was born of winter and
you were violent spring.

truth is that, just true
and true is cold as ice,
no molding it with hands
to make it our newborn--

still, don't you wonder?
did you choose correctly
or are you stuck there--
dead leaf in your hands?

i wonder about that too.


  1. Some questions weren't meant to be answered- only to make us think...

  2. "I was born of winter"... - this is really beautiful. I'll stick with dear Jinksy here, sometimes it's all about thinking, the answer will not come along. I still find it amazing that we can reason life and all that comes with it. I love your poem. <3

  3. Beautiful pondering! I love the line
    "I was born of winter"
    The imagery guides us and makes us question the riddles of life, even more~

  4. The fact that these questions are asked and answers pondered no matter how rhetorical they may be, proves that what is what matters to us.

  5. "i was born of winter and
    you were violent spring."

    damn....just damn

    The visceral reaction I had to this is beyond description. Which makes for a crappy comment.

    Greatness, Maid Marian

  6. This is powerful and resonating.
    I find it frightening actually.

  7. oo love the words AND the form. looks and reads great!

  8. "Still, don't you wonder?" is only one memorable line. This is so good!!! Lots to think about...

  9. I like the musings and the last image of dead leaf in your hand ~ very thought provoking post ~

  10. aw, thank you, lovely friends.
    cami, i didn't mean to scare you :)

  11. amazing piece.
    violent spring, wow.
    inventive line.

  12. Ditto to everything everyone else said. Amazingly powerful piece!

  13. Hello.
    Funny how what someone says or writes can make us slow down, stop & think.
    Thought-provoking piece indeed.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Our Candlelight Of Love

  14. how come we couldnt see my fall would be so hard it shattered everything" ? Wow. Powerful writing and wondering........stunning ending.

  15. smashing.absolutely smashing.I am running out of superlatives.

  16. true is just that, true and true is cold as ice. LOVE!

  17. I really like this. Wonderfully written and so true of relationships.

  18. aw, thanks everybody. this is one of those that surprised me.
    i mean, i'm surprised by everyone's reaction to it.

  19. This reminds me of some of the more beautiful music I've heard in the last few years. Damien Rice or Laura Marling in particularly, who reflect on lament and regret so very well and ask the kind of questions they really don't want answers too but need to know all the same.

    Wonderful work in expressing such a touching kind of pain.

  20. ah, thank you, Adam White, Poet.

  21. There are many things I will always wonder about that won't be answered. You think I'd give that up, but no. And these things often feature in my writing. Thank you for sharing!

  22. yes, i get that! you're welcome and thank YOU.


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