if i take my mask off, you will see
my freckles, and the terrible truth
is, that is only the start. you will
be required to knock and pry
to loosen each mask, every layer
of each ever-darkening shade. when
the freckles overwhelm, you can move
to the rest of me, peeling and prodding.
in time, your naked curiosity will get
the best of you and you will rip
and tear with abandon, exposing all
of what i have hidden. you will drink
deeply of me. having your fill, satiated,
you will finish, and you will move on.


  1. Ooh I love this. For so many reasons, I love this. :-)

  2. A multi-layered woman is not for the faint of heart - the rewards are great but not many would think the benefits out-weigh the effort.
    Great piece of poetic prose.

  3. But what if you should want to be seen as you really are? Peeling layers can be good, if at heart there is a golden being...

  4. cripes, in the light of morning this is pretty dark.

  5. women, like onions, give tears after a good peelin'.

  6. Sometimes, when something like a wooden fence needs re-painting, there are too many layers of old paint on it. It needs to be stripped down to the bare wood again, so the fresh paint can make it look bright and new again. Rather than just burying it under yet-another thick coat, leaving it looking sloppy and sad.

  7. A well-held metaphor, and v,good writing.

  8. I enjoyed this piece quite a bit. There is extraordinary craft here.


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