stone walls


She kissed him. Like a butterfly flickering on his lips, in a split second, hard, forceful, and needy. Like the end was near. Frank kissed back, his hand in her hair, at the back of her head, pulling her closer to him and taking her in. How many years had passed, stone piled upon stone, sediment forming, his walls thick and unyielding?

They had yielded. Flagpole clang and ex-fiances fading from his thoughts, he lifted her from the swing and carried her across the threshold, no swagger, no pretense. Just Frank and Marie and a lifetime of need.

(Exactly one hundred words from my novel-in-progress.)


  1. perfect

    when I kissed my wife the first time every woman taht had ever been near me vanished from my mind.

  2. SO glad to find this in my Reader now that I'm surfacing from my NaNoWriMo induced haze.


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