breaker of the wind

this ache's like a mincing,
a slow pressing under bluestone,
stoning in the public square.

a salted wound, strangleheld
with gerrymandered allegiances,
filibustering to the bitter end.

a constant wipe and re-setting
of our humanity, our empathy,
leaving ill institutional memory.

we learn from our hurts, to hurt;
from our gains, to covet power.
who will listen to the children?


  1. Is this the missing track to Hole's "Live Through This" album?

  2. The third stanza is so true. Instead of addressing problems and hurt, we just gloss over them. Brilliant.

    "we learn from our hurts, to hurt" - this could be put on the wall of every therapist's office in the country.

    I really liek the pain and depth of this Marian. Great poem.

  3. An amazing piece, Marian. Tight write, excellent hooks, clear message cleverly transmitted.

  4. Did I hear somebody break wind here?

    He who smelt it, dealt it!
    He who denied it, supplied it!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist! But seriously, a very nice piece of wisdom.)

  5. "breaker of the wind" = Nit-A-Nee, native Indian maiden of legend, for whom Mount Nittany, at State College, Pennsylvania, was named. and, the Nittany Lions.

  6. Ok, I do believe you are officially the only person known to use the word gerrymandered in a poem and completely pull it off without it smacking of pretension. I take my hat off to you, madam.

  7. hah! well, i did write the poem on election day.

  8. the new news about Joe Pa "retiring" makes this poem even sadder.

    the lack of protection of children is horrible

  9. the whole thing is so awful, i've been completely distracted by it this week.
    i used to live and work in state college. it is incredibly sad and wrong on every level.

  10. This is excellent. Took my breath away, hon.
    Thanks for it.

  11. You are lovely and so are your words.


  12. This really packs a punch! Tight write!

  13. Wow! gerrymandering and filibustering in the same stanza! Kudos. And every thought is a true observation.

  14. Having now read up on the case in point, I have come back to add my voice to your final line:
    Those who ignore the plight of children, do not deserve the toleration of society: they should be shot at dawn!

  15. Fantastic write, Marian. Just so good with a powerful final question. Bravo!

  16. This is so packed with concepts and images. I like how its complexity ends with children voices.

  17. Hello.
    Election day huh, now I see where all the gerrymandering & filibustering came from!

    You speak the truth Marian.
    Well done!

    Thanks for visiting last week, I'm sorry it's taken me this long to visit. I had to take a break from cyberspace to regroup.

    Imaginary Dreams

  18. always good to take a break, andy.
    thanks, friends. this was a rough one.

  19. pardon me for phrasing it thus...bloody brilliant!

  20. so cool!



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