WWPSS (what would percy sledge say?)

we could discuss the vagaries
of impractical heartish unions.

ask, when a man loves a woman
will he really trade the world
for the good thing he's found?

can he think of nothing else?
and will she really play him
for a fool to bring him misery?

we could. but now, i just want
my kids to eat their vegetables.

Over at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, Kenia challenged us to write a poem inspired by the song that was #1 on the charts on the day we were born.


  1. How the practicalities of Reality shoot down the old love songs in flames, huh?

  2. That's a fantastic prompt... and I love your response. Especially as I am struggling with the kid and his vegetables, too.


  3. oooooh the PEAS! the PEAS! dammit.

  4. What? Seriously?
    That's my name up there! In lights!
    Oh back to you.
    I love this poem because you KNOW I'm right there with you. Foolishly attempted to try to serve them spinach, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, mushrooms (not a vegetable) and zucchini.

  5. what? seriously?
    i am SO SICK of the comments issues!
    cami, can you explain? even in an email? another reader who uses wordpress is now unable to comment, who was previously able to. and now you can?
    oh and it was an epic moment over here, about the peas. sigh.

  6. After trying several "fixes" offered by Google, I switched to Google Chrome as a browser (it was the final fix) and it works beautifully!

  7. huh! google chrome fixes the comment problem, everyone!

  8. ha! yes. and yes. the damned peas.
    i dare percy sledge to make THAT sexy.

  9. I like this sassy "talking back to the song" that you wrote here. I like your practical reply to she-done-me-wrong, heart-broken ballad. As much as I have always loved "when a Man Loves a Woman" on some level it irritates me when anyone in a broken relationship puts all the blame on the other person, never admitting any part of the loss of love.

  10. thank you! yes, i do really love the song, too.

  11. lol... then you were born the same day this question was! This poem is tells me we go from question to question throughout life and some of them might not even have an answer!

    (I'll remember to ask you for advice when I have children of my own!)

    xo <3


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