sick day

this morning he felt quite sickish,
nauseous & even throw-uppish,
his impish eyes muted grey.
she hated to see him sullen,
his sense of humor forgotten.
she brought him some ginger ale.

when she left work, she was stricken,
her tummy, too, had been sickened--
"go home" written on the wall.
he thanked her for the kind soda.
feeling good, he wrote this coda:
it's over, love conquers all.


  1. I love this one, although I hope you're not sick. The "coda" made me laugh.

  2. Adorable...
    I cannot conquer these cywydd...You are the master.
    (Conquer? I can't even touch them)

  3. What rhymes you come up with Marian... I ask myself: Envious much?

  4. hah. tentative report from my household: everyone seems to be on the mend. that was fast!
    and also, my kid was using the words "throwuppish" and "sickish" so this was handed to me. xo

  5. glad they're feeling better. I'd rather lose a limb than have one of my girls sick.

    plus, your words were pretty

  6. throwuppish... aw... sounds like you've passed down the poetry gene :)

  7. Soda and coda? Loved it! LOL


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