quabbin dream

woods like fiery calico
patchwork across the lake--
another season arrives with its bluster,
its demands stitched in crimson,
brittle-hearted like dry leaves.

 -- you are still gone --

picture my children greeting you--
smiles preserved in a weathered frame,
dancing like leaves in an autumn wind.
but all i have is your words
stitched in crimson into a fiery heart.


  1. beautiful and so very sad. You miss her... bunches I'm sure.

  2. Beautiful, the missing with the fall beauty. A sweet memorial.

  3. beautiful, and that fiery calico is quite an image.

  4. i love this structure.
    and your imagery of textiles in flame... incredible and innovative.

  5. This is so subtly wrought with the invocation of the season in the first half, and of the individual in the last. A sense of melancholy pervades as one realizes the loss - when someone is gone it is indeed the words which remain.
    Exquisite use of the form.

  6. Exquisite is the word.the consistency of excellence is staggering.

  7. thank you, lovely people :)
    cameron? you would know! xoxo

  8. "brittle hearted like dry leaves"= stunningly lovely

    I loved this

  9. Oh, this is divine. Seasons can certainly bring back memories of loved ones who have passed. Very effective.

  10. Have to say I am tremendously impressed - one stanza about the seasons, the second linking in your grandmother very skilfully.
    Just wondering if the link stanza - you are still gone - might have been a bit stronger? I see what you are trying to do with the simplicity though...

  11. A lovely and poignant tribute. I often think about my loved ones who are not here in autumn also.

  12. oh you people love to flatter me and i am all aflattered. thank you.
    peter! very fine observation. i will think about it. it was the "you are still gone" that started me down this path. that in-between line seemed to beg for simplicity. but, still. thank you, i'm sure this will undergo some edits.

  13. lovely and sad all at once,... definitely the season for remembering

  14. goodbyes are so hard for me..the goodbye of the season and the goodbye of a loved one...a beautiful poem


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