in my dreams, you come around,
i've found i am accustomed.
love, don't leave me waiting here
for fear i'll never blossom--

capitulating moonbeams
shine mean on my wilted frame;
pot-bound roots ache forever.
(i will never be the same.)

glare, my giant, find me small
in rainhall, under bare light--
pretend it's as the sea goes
here in the faux western night.

Pirate Grace introduces us to traditional Welsh poetry forms over at Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads this week, starting with this form, called awdl gywydd. It took me a while to warm my brain to this form, but now I think I love it. I predict more to come, as well as more of the lovely oddquain.


  1. captitulating moonbeams/shine mean...

    oh, I like that image... yes I do.

  2. Once again, you beget genius with odd forms by making them seem formless, seamless, beautiful.
    Perfection. Your journeys are so worth following.

  3. far too kind, loves. but i think i love this form!

  4. Oh this is just such a beautiful poem, in which the form is just a part of the overall effect. The mood is wistful, the imagery original... it is just top-drawer.

  5. thanks, friends.
    i keep looking at this and thinking it's not done.
    so maybe it will evolve :)

  6. Using capitulating as part of a seven syllable line was pure genius. Bravo!

  7. Yes, while the rest of us are stringing together seven one-syllable words, you casually drop in five syllables in one.
    I love "pot-bound roots ache forever"! Nicely done.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

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  9. Its a mystery how you manage to write such exquisite poems with such frequency. so pithy and powerful.Inspiring.

  10. ah, but there's the mystery! you are too kind, abin.
    especially as your writing is rather inspiring, as well.


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