emerald city

who are
all these strange folk
wanting to take a peek
behind my moribund curtain?
i should
take note:
replace utilitarian
textile with voile portieres,  
spread the drapes wide


  1. Hm ... a Cinquain of much suggestion. I love it.

  2. only you, my love, can combine moribund and voile in the same poem...

  3. Were ever two more intricately woven lines as these ever seen in the modest cinquain?
    ...replace utilitarian
    textile with voile portieres...

    I doubt it. Top drawer poetry!

  4. Wow!
    This is one of my faves!
    I will have writing time this week, and you have inspired me to go for the Cinquain. I really love its lyrical quality.

  5. hah. i was going for gauzy long panels, mosquito netting even, replacing heavy dark drapes and then flung wide open!
    how many poems do i have, so far, about fabric? hmmm.

  6. love your visit to the emerald city and your ideas to redecorate it :)

  7. Is "spread the drapes wide open" sarcastic or is it being comfortable with who you are and saying f you to the world?

    loved it, Marian

  8. Reveal the man behind the screen--or the woman behind the curtain--a tall order most of us might balk at--presented like a flying flag here. Can't say how much I've enjoyed reading all your linked cinquains (at with Real Toads,) and several of your other poems as well--so you'll have to just look behind the curtain. You are really at home in this form. Glad to have found your blog.

  9. :) thanks, everyone.
    hedgewitch, welcome, i'm glad you are here!
    lance? neither. but you interpret it as it makes sense for you!


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