distant generator

i began to notice
the cold spot on my leg,
children giggling,
my stomach growling,
your hand warm on my hip.

but i retreated,
turned you off
like the electricity,
leaving you shivering 
and wondering why.
Halloween's cancelled, we have a ton of snow and no power, no heat, no hot water. Stealing some heat and wifi to post a couple stormish poems. See you when the power's back on.


  1. Oh no! Hugs, dear! Dropped by to wish you good luck on the beginning of your NANOWRIMO journey and now I'm wishing you good luck on getting your power back... sending warm thoughts your way

  2. Trust you to find the metaphoric possibility in the worst storm!

  3. So hard.
    Write hard. Found you on NaNo. :)

  4. :) warm at a friend's house, even bathing! delicious.
    i haven't been able to look at NaNo yet but i will!

  5. I like imagining the computer (or us) being left out in the cold by your turning off the machine, great imagination!

    So sorry you missed the fun, but probably you had already bought the candy you were going to serve, so there is a bright side....

  6. Hope things soon warm up for you, in all ways! ♥

  7. our power has been restored and we are warm again!
    and halloween is re-scheduled for tomorrow.
    thank you, lovely people.


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