bulb show

surrounded by daffodils,
pussy willow fills the space
between, unwitting comrade
of death, aubade to green grace.

catkins, harbingers of spring,
oddly ring amongst forced blooms
whose garish gleams scream, "pick me!"
willows need not please so soon.

this juxtaposed foliage
now wilted, dredged for next year's
compost pile; willow wisps, dried,
will hide what gathers dust here.


  1. This brings back such a childhood memory. We had a pussy willow growing beside the duck pond (We lived on a small plot out of town). How eagerly I would await the Spring, and the first buds on the tree. Sometimes the simple beauty of a bud outshines the most gorgeous show flower.
    Loved what you did with this form. The content is totally different from the others I've read.

  2. exactly! and i do really like this form, it's challenging but also flows...

  3. "willows need not please so soon."

    That is really striking.

  4. Nice. I too like 'willows need not please so soon' and also like the internal rhyme you have with 'daffodils' and 'fills' in S1.


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