alphabet stew

I came across this wonderful poem by Jack Prelutsky while reading to my children from his collection The Random House Book of Poetry for Children (1983, illustrated by Arnold Lobel). This poem, called "Alphabet Stew," introduces a section of the book. Words to live by!
Words can be stuffy, as sticky as glue,
but words can be tutored to tickle you too,
to rumble and tumble and tingle and sing,
to buzz like a bumblebee, coil like a spring.

Juggle their letters and jumble their sounds,
swirl them in circles and stack them in mounds,
twist them and tease them and turn them about,
teach them to dance upside down, inside out.

Make mighty words whisper and tiny words roar
in ways no one ever had thought of before;
cook an improbable alphabet stew,
and words will reveal little secrets to you.