the people, united

he called out
what are we doing to foster unity?
the crowd responded, mumbling, crying,
some even with real tears.
and then a siren, from the trenches: our voices!
real! all of us, united!
the people, united, can never be defeated!
a groundswell of cheering faded to hushed worries
until he asked again
so what about unity? what will we do?
i noted her reddened cheeks & smudged eyeliner
as she leaned in close to stage-whisper:
united? sure. so long as he keeps his hands off my ass.


  1. Marian,
    I found your response intriguing! Something we all long for, but so hard to find~ The last line was a surprise and cracked me up~ You are clever!

  2. Yes - unity is great so long as everyone maintains their personal space. All grand ideals fail in practice because these are humans we're dealing with: selfish, corruptible, possessive... on any good day.

  3. great last line

    that's how I feel when you women comment my blog....just kidding

    hypocrisy in so few words...so well written.

  4. And you offer a glimpse into the inner workings of many a great leader... nicely done, Marian.

  5. Undertones of MCP woven into this picture! LOL


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