goodbye to all that

she felt the pinkish glowing past her gleam;
instinct commanded now the time was right
to leave cellar despair & greet her dream:
      say hello to real life.

abandon dark in favor of the light?
she twitched & twisted til she thought she'd scream
but managed to escape & turn upright.

anticipating freedom, as it seemed
to take ages to reach her virgin flight,
escaping her cocoon--her former need--
      in favor of real life.

fixing her gaze upon the window there,
the crack through which delicious sunlight sighed;
she readied feeble wings to meet the air
      for a taste of real life.

as she soared through the window, free! she cried,
how free to fly, not going anywhere!
bright on your wing, urgent hedylidae!

into the sky, beyond all dark despair!
she winked & bid her inner life goodbye,
no turning back, no need to go back there.
      she flies, embracing her real life.

My Indie Ink writing challenge this week came from Stefan, who prompted me thusly: "She wakes to find herself hanging upside down in a dingy basement. What happens next?" This poetry form is called a roundel. Actually, it's two roundels.