from now on

in this black night
hang on through loss
i will not leave you
here my steely love
all better in the day
you will see in time

remember that time
bluest mountain night
turned to pinkest day
you rejected loss
in favor of love
& i elected you

& oh, wondrous you
in a simpler time
showered with love
that bright night
ignoring all you lost
until another day

now at this late date
confounded, i hear you
wanting what you lost
after all this time
in an aching night
not enough to love

but oh, my true love
every day after day
& all of my nights
are only for you
every single time
i'll face your loss

when you are wailing lost
i will swaddle you in love
i'm telling you this time
come what may, all my days
you & only my darling you
can get me through the night

oh for time to ease your jaded nights
& bring exuberant days to my true you
shedding loss like skin, revealing love.
Ack! Pirate Grace and I are in the midst of a form poetry challenge; the sestina was nearly the death of me. Never again! Read her strikingly different poem here.