it was as if i had been struck by lighting
the realization like time-lapse photography
flickering furiously around the edges, madly
mocking me with its vast & cosmic urgency.

what on earth was i to do now? turn to run?
jump? fly? or what if i just stayed rooted
right there on the spot, growing umber moss &
attracting mayflies? maybe no one would see.

but you did see, didn't you? struck, you halted
your cavorting in mid-pirouette, frozen, aghast
at the vision of me, wound tightly, orangey
madness spewing from my thick skull like magma.

i could not move, nor force my limbs to even
shudder as the light played on the margin, green
turned hot with rage & anguish, it all bore down
& ended like this: purified, silent, washed away.