and this

the summer
before eight
is for stretching
& growing
a little yelling
wands & wizards
mud in the waves
looking around you
& noticing it all.
how does that work?
what if i push?
you know the answer.
& this: all the love.


  1. You, a mother, small children, summer mornings. We've got all the same here and it feels like you took this moment out of my life.
    I can taste that early sun and the creaking into the day you've expressed here.

  2. aw. this is for my son, he asked me to write a poem titled "and this."
    he will turn eight years old when the summer ends :(

  3. sweet! I love that your children are so involved :)

  4. usually they ask me to write poems about harry potter and such.
    they've written some of their own :)


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