watch & warnings

hunkered down in my basement office
as the national weather service says
tornadoes on ground to the east and west
traveling in the direction of our town
where you blithely eat deli sandwiches
in the car chattering with our kids

black as midnight outside my window
thunder reverberating like a kettledrum
bouncing off the fields and mountains
i wish you were home i wish you were home
ah please let's all be home cocooned
as before's darkness is irrelevant now.


  1. perspective...
    scary night last, wasn't it?

  2. Tornadoes suck - literally and figuratively.

  3. really bad. we are fine but tornadoes went through the biggest city in our region, Springfield, MA, close by.
    four people were killed and it is a real mess out there.
    very unusual for western MA, we don't get tornadoes here!
    scary scary scary.

  4. Your fear is so real, it reverberates.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Marian, and cheers for PU and all those who work so hard to make it what it is.

  5. Yes, bad weather/ tornado poems seem to abound. This has been quite a spring. Well described, Marian.

  6. Some fear this is just the beginning, unusual turn of events in our part of the world as well. Stay safe, as we all watch the skies.

  7. yes. scary for us but devastating for many others here.

  8. only seen this once - it was crazy...but I know the warning signs now

    keep knocking these out

  9. indeed! a lot of folks here didn't pay attention to the warnings... now everyone knows.

  10. Being a sailor once, I have seen waterspouts and I can imagine the anxiety someone would feel in their basement with others out and about. It seems it worked out for you and yours. Godspeed.

  11. very scary things, tornadoes... I grew up in Wisconsin and so have experienced my fair share

    you write the fear very well


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