A beautiful poem by my grandmother. I didn't appreciate this one for some time, but now it seems just perfect. Funny how that happens.
God, if a God is there beyond the sunset,
Bid me believe that you are kind and true--
Tell me to think that evils round about us
Came into life because of us, not You.

Teach me to know the glory of Your sunset
Means something more than just a perfect day--
Help me to see that now Your day is over
Sorrows are ending, cares will fade away,

Just as the colors of Your radiant sunset
Fade into nothing in the western sky.
Oh, teach me God, to know Your mighty purpose,
Tell me that You are there for such as I.


  1. she is truly a wonderful voice, even if my god is more the sunset than its creator.

  2. right on. i love this piece because she is questioning.
    bad things must fade with the sunset. and there must be meaning.

  3. I think I would have loved your grandmother. She puts that timeless search for meaning into words with great eloquence. :)

  4. i am certain you'd have loved her, sarah.

  5. Your Grandmother's poem is fabulous. I want a Grandmother that writes. Mine was equally interested in other things.

  6. my grandmother was also interested in many other things.
    i am all swoony that you just came to visit and already found her writing. so much more here, just look!
    "my grandmother" in the tag cloud will take you there :)


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