what she wants

what happens if i say what i really want? what i want? you know, all that really realness up in here what the fuck i really wantness?
what i want?

well what i want is
ah what i want is all big and all true. and has to do with all of us and oh you too,
like you, and you and you
won't you
and play and laugh and sing and fuck and be and skip and
be free

a flower and a little girl and what she wants
is just so simply so to play to dance to spin and laugh to throw her head back ah do it again again! aw in the end
pay attention to me mama
pay attention to me
what she wants? ah love on love on love for sure
all she wants all the wantness all she wants is love.


  1. I read this aloud three or four times, each time trying to pick out the feeling of it. I thought about it for a while and then thought I might be the same way. To want something, but perhaps not know what it is exactly that I want. That's what I got anyways. :)

    It has a good closing thought, where she finally knows: All she wants is love.

  2. Loving "wantness" and...

    and play and laugh and sing and fuck and be and skip and
    be free"

    Ah, indeed! :)

  3. not knowing what you want, or
    knowing but being afraid to speak it.

  4. Tantamount to the same thing, and both are frustrating. But you say so much with your poems than I think sometimes it comes across anyway. :)


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