i write because

Oh, my lord, it is actually week *eight* of the Indie Ink weekly writing challenge! In the challenge, participants are randomly challenged by our peers with a writing prompt. 
I write because I have not the strength to speak with you directly 
His heart flipped and he sat right down, right there, and realized he was holding his breath and so he exhaled, whoosh.
and I need to be strong now, for myself. In conversation with you, I know I would falter. 
His eyes brimmed, as though he already knew what was to come next. 
What I have to say, to write, is just that important. 
No. Please, don't say it. His eyes searched the page, flitted across the screen. Please please no, ah please 
You know how important it is. You know. 
Yes, I know. I know oh please no I know, ah if you don't go oh I can change oh I can I will oh no oh no please I know how important it is to you please no please oh please don't go 
I have to tell you 
Oh please oh please baby please, oh don't go oh I can change oh ohhh no don't do it please don't go 
first, that I love you, like I have never loved another. 
But because I know you do not feel the same way about me 
Ohhh but I do baby I do I do you are my world oh you oh you are oh don't please don't do this oh no please don't leave what will I do without you? 
I am leaving. Don't follow me, don't try to save me. I am going to the ocean and that is that. By the time you read this, I will be free. 
I write because I do not want you to talk me out of it.
Please, don't save me. This is me saving myself. 
My prompt this week was from Flaming Nyx, who challenged me to address my writing. She said, write this: "I write because..."