Licking my wounds so gingerly and thoroughly one wing broken on my last soar through the clouds to the volcano's edge. Splintered bone and crumpled feathers the pain radiates down my spine to the tip of my tailfeathers through my legs and busted talons. Struck by a mighty hammer I had tumbled down the side grasping for any toehold any traction but finding none just crashed

Now nestled here by the water I must see daylight once more just once more. If I can make it to morning Sedonis will come oh how I need him here to send me off
I remember oh I remember calling him trumpeting wailing across the water and through the air so perfect and so open he could not resist but came from long away he came to me hearing my call a short dance as we locked eyes and soon enough his plumage ah you my darling all on display like that my love all of that is for me? Oh I knew I knew it was for me all of that fancy was all for me all for me
oh can I make it till morning
he cannot be here I need him here
to nurse me kiss me mother me
I cannot go off to the next life
without putting to rest this one
oh I must be strong til dawn

He raised himself on his sinewy man-legs straight tall and erect his wings unfurled his head held high holding my gaze and I knew better than to resist. I turned my back and sunk my talons into the trunk of my tree. Waiting. Every feather I possessed tweaked one by slow one until finally my last tailfeather pitched toward the sky opening me and exposing my want. Waiting dizzy wanting losing ah holding on holding on and then aaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee he pounced I pitched forward my head hard against the trunk as the blood dripped he folded me in his giant wings pulled me back hard like fire he entered me his great beak crushing my mantle as I shrieked
Shifting to conserve warmth let me wrap my good wing as far as it can stretch around my brokenness oh it's so cold so cold here in the dark. I will make it and he will come. I will call him and he will come. My love oh as we are bound together Sedonis I will last til morning so you can come to me

And our progeny our child my love you will be required my Sedonis to inform him of his mother's fate. Oh my baby my baby, ah be gentle with him for he is young and in his element

I held him tight and did not want to let go oh please please stay my little one. Ah but somewhere deep inside I found the strength to say Go my child go forth use your power for good and keep your head on straight. Stay lucid. (but mother why do you worry?) Because my babylove your power is intoxicating. Beware of those who will try to play you. Stay strong and beautiful, my love. Fly high and stay good
Ah the wisp of light beyond the volcano just a glimmer but I am still here. Ah my love Sedonis I am calling you here flugeling across the water for you to come and call me home

Call me home, Sedonis my love. Call me home

In this, my ninth (can you believe it!) week of the Indie Ink Writing Challenge, my friend Mandy of MyPlaidPants very nicely challenged me thusly: "Invent your own mythological creature. What does it look like? How does it interact with or view the world? How does it mate? How many offspring? What is its lifespan?" After a spate of juvenile giggling about mythological mating, this is what I conjured.