burn marks

Week four of the Indie Ink weekly writing challenge! In the challenge, participants are randomly challenged by our peers with a writing prompt. This one turned out, well, heavy.
Look at this heavy walnut bureau, ornate and beautiful. Wide and sturdy, with its pretty scalloped mirror. Only one crack in the glass. It has those teeny drawers I like at the top, little jewelry tray inside. I love it.

But it has a big flaw. A large wound right on top, right in the middle, see that? A ring, a burn mark. More even than that, charred wood, almost like firewood, right there on top. Can't miss it, right? Oh maybe I could set something there, put a cloth over that. Maybe I could make it work.

But what could make a burn like that? What could make such a scar? It's the wrong shape for an iron burn. A candle, perhaps? A candle unattended, just like they warn you about? Never leave your candles unattended, they always say.

how could she
why would she
why didn't she
She thought they could work it out. It was worth it to try, he was worth it, they were worth it. She put on her nice sundress, she wore her best underwear, she poured some wine and lit a candle on her bureau. Hoping.

He came over and they ate and drank and drank some more. And even more. They danced. He held her, asked for another drink, they drank some more. They kissed and lay down and they talked. And he began to get angry. Lying in her bed. Angry drunk and crazy. She looked up at him. Begged him. No, that wasn't true. No, that never happened. No. Oh please, no. She looked up at him for the last time.

The candle on her bureau burned unattended.
I don't think I'm gonna buy this bureau after all. That wound on the top is just too raw.

This week, I was challenged by A Lil' Irish Lass thusly: "Go to a thrift store, Salvation Army, yard sale etc. and select an item. Tell me about the person who owned it through the item."