(another poem about) flying

way up high
above all clouds
drift then fly then speak out loud
what it is we're reaching for?
are you with me? strive for more?
more is quite a lot i know
as we have much down below
all the love and all the good
maybe then we really should
stay where we are?
i can't stop soaring toward that star.


  1. this one's light and airy, in good ways. it captures that emotion of head-in-the-clouds/star-struck love very well.

  2. You sound like a helium ballon! :)

  3. i am pretty sure i have more poems about floating and flying than about green.
    and i definitely have at least two about helium balloons.
    am i getting all predictable and shit?
    oh, i don't even care if the answer is yes.

  4. I have this thing with the sky and stars I can't explain. Reason number one why flying poems speak to my heart. =*


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