sestina & silly

Okay, I am all distracted trying to get some thoughts out that are resisting mightily. So I thought maybe I'd mine this stack of old poems and get it out of my system. They are kind of fun to read and it is only a little embarrassing to share; I guess the fun outweighs the discomfort. These are unedited and presented to you in all their nineteen-year-old glory!

The most interesting thing (to me) about the first two poems is that they both refer to "skin" in a way that I know I don't write about anymore. Any references to skin in these pages is in a very different context than this. 

I have edited this one, which was in a sprawling format that didn't work on the page here:

Your slow sigh
Whispers as skin
Caresses soft skin a sweet
Song like the song
Sung wide across the sky
Softly warmed by the sun

And the rising sun
Resting on the skyline like a sigh
Paints the sky
In pinks and scarlets your skin
Touches mine and the song
Of the dawn is a sweet

One so sweet
That in the early sun
We sing the only song
We know and end it with a sigh
We know skin
Together and the very sky

Seems to smile that sky
Has known our sweet
Scent the smell of skin
Touching skin in the soft morning sun
We collapse with a sigh
And sing again the song

Always the same soft song
We sing until the sky
Smiles down in a long pink sigh
You and I are sweet sweet
Lovers in the sun
As it slowly warms our skin

Our skin
Replies in song
The song is for the sun
The smiling sun in the morning sky
And we sweet
Lovers can only sigh.

And this one? All I can say is, I fucking loved Gertrude Stein back then. I still do, and I sure hope I'm not copping her anymore.
Smile! Silly willy in the shower.
      Silly, and the smell of pancakes
      prevails. Above the rain puddles.
            Above the roommates. Above unrequited love.
Rain rain rain, rain wet.
Silly willy, silly silly smile!
      On the mountain, smile above the city and smile
      about the dream. About the beach.
            About the rollerskates.
      Dream money raining, money wet.
Special smile smiling, dreaming, dream.
Silly special willy, touch.
      Touch sensitive skin, smiling at the laughter.
            At the levity. At the moment.
      Mandatory. This is not mandatory.
Ready, silly willy?
Ready, set, smile!
Raining, touching, smiling special silly willy
      ready, set, dream.

And this one? Ha! I was only nineteen, yet defeated! I am sure I wrote this again at 25, and 30, and 36, and oh even now at almost-45. 

how many 
times can
i storm out
of a room

how many times can
i say you're making a big mistake
you're taking a big risk

don't do it don't push me
don't make me

walk away