ray dream

In the dream, I was visiting my friend Molly's house. In real life, I've never been to Molly's house, but I'm guessing it doesn't sport an enormous indoor swimming pool.

A swimming pool that is home for her pet manta ray.

The ray was friendly, but it constantly jumped out of the pool to grab things. It grabbed my bag from a pretty mosaic side table, and was dragging it into the water.

Including my wallet. And my notebook. And my blackberry.

I managed to catch the blackberry before it was submerged, but the ray latched onto my elbow. It didn't hurt too much, as it had no teeth to pierce my skin. But it had a locked grip on my arm.

Then I saw a small flash drive flying through the air, about to land in the pool. It contained the backup for my website, all of my poems and photos and writing. Somehow I caught it in my free hand and the ray released my arm.

This whole time, Molly was unfazed. As I climbed out and hauled my belongings into the next room, she said, "Oh, I promised to buy my kids new bags after the ray ate theirs. Maybe I should put that on the list."


  1. Ha! Well, at least you didn't lose all your work (or your Blackberry.) The funny thing is that we are about to host two dogs for two weeks. I hope they aren't as destructive as the dream ray.

  2. well, you took the whole thing in stride.
    those dogs will give you no trouble at all!

  3. My Land! Imagine if in real life that the blackberry was destroyed and digested! Imagine the horror! Imagine even pretending that it was gone in real life for two hours! You need a backup for your Blackberry!

    I hope you have 50 kinds of backup for your beautiful writing!

  4. dreams are weird; especially the tidbits of logic and rationality the brain throws into them

  5. I dreamt about reading a cool, magical, poem about a dream and woke up at the end of yours.

  6. I really loved this poem. Talk about safety. I love the feel of this.


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