prisoner's dilemma

Folks, I am participating in a cool challenge thrown down by Indie Ink. It's a weekly writing challenge in which participants are randomly challenged by our peers with a writing prompt. Here is what I came up with this week, my first time!

prisoner's dilemma
she says i don't trust you
with all of me. he says
here are my secrets. but she knows
he has more
filed away on shelves
or in pockets.
categorized, she imagines
by year or relative beauty
like maple syrup
grade A or B
dark or light,
which was most perfect
who had the longest hair
or the tightest ass
who loved the best and fucked the hardest?
she stops
speaks again. i will tell you
if you come clean with me.
clean, he replies, is not
in my repertoire.

My prompt, from Michael Webb, was: "Write a scene involving two people. Both people have a secret that they are concealing from the other, but the secret is never revealed to the other person, or to the reader."