not my best night

i am fried
i tried to keep it inside
but bitch mama comes out
when pushed i can't reel her in
so kiss my kids and start again.


  1. Starting again is the best thing on earth. If we couldn't start over, we'd be doomed. Good write!

  2. some of us are in the same mother effing boat...
    and we're gonna need a bigger one

  3. Sometimes Bitch Mama needs to roar, just to remind the kids where they stand in the pecking order. Honest, heart-felt and introspective, with a touch of grace at the end. Wonderful!

  4. I remember those days! One wonderful thing about getting older and embracing the wisdom of age is the fact that these days come fewer and farther between. But, oh, I remember those days!!

  5. of course everything is hearts and rainbows and kisses this morning. but still.

  6. kim, they definitely are fewer are farther between. but it sucks. sucks. sucks.
    like i cannot stand the sound of my own fucking voice. dammit.

  7. I hate myself once a week for this very reason.

  8. yeah. i wrote this that night you and i were chatting about it. blah.

  9. Not a mom, obviously, but have been a step-parent (too briefly): related strongly to this, perfect work.

    It's all we can do, in all things, is set up realistic expectations, and do our best to live up to them.


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