will you
mollify me
as i'm a tetch needy?
here's the gist of it: i want you
to care.


  1. I like this one. Gets right to the point, doesn't it? Yes!

  2. hey, kim, thanks. i was looking at these two short poems this morning and thinking they are annoying and self-indulgent. ah, well.

  3. poetry in general is a touch self-indulgent, if you can touch on a universal (say, the very human experience of longing for support in times of vulnerability) and do it in a novel manner, you've done something more. even when a poem is obscure to a fault, (which this poem is by no means obscure, but obscurity is a dead give-away of self-indulgence) it's practice toward mastering the craft, or some such bollocks. i've enjoyed your explorations of meter, lately.

  4. right on. i try to keep away from the vague pining and more to the concrete images, but sometimes obscurity wins.
    ian! write some cinquains!
    i was writing cinquains in a frenzy in november, when many of my pals were off writing their novels (NaNoMiMo or whatever the fuck it was) and i was acting out. my beloved cinquain has been calling me back, lately. also i've been enjoying the closely related rictameter. fun!

  5. tell you what, marian, after i finish this poem that i'm currently procrastinating from, i will write some cinquains.

  6. yippee! and watch out, you will start thinking in meter. hee.

  7. I'm always more than a tetch needy, but I know what that is.

    Nice poem.