freeing the fish

In real life, I am headed to New York this morning for a quick work trip. 

In my dream, I took along a goldfish. Caring for it in its lovely glass bowl. In my car to New Haven, on the train to Grand Central, through the streets of Manhattan.

I left the goldfish behind in my hotel room when I checked out. On purpose. And I made the trek home alone.


  1. It's discombumbilated me this! Don't know if it's a poem or not but it's definitly elicited a gut reaction in me.

    Now...what is it?

  2. Kenny! Take what you will from it, but it is a description of a dream I had this morning.
    Lately I've been remembering dreams for the first time in years, so I've been recording them here.
    I can't wait to read your blog!! XO


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