environmental controls

one hectic morning, they slept late
  having been kept up late last night
  by Him all drunk all yelling and leering
and now He's barking and they are jumping
  get that dog his fucking food!
  no time for breakfast gotta get to school

when they moved in with Him, he had said
  what a cute dog that was

  and He responded "good, then he's yours" 

he sought refuge in his bedroom
  water dripping from the ceiling panel
  breathing in the black mold walls
he couldn't feed the dog before the bus
  so no food for him all day today
  stomach pining he writes his poems
that dog bounded in from the backyard
  jumped up and drooled on his bed
  he lies on a gritty comforter
mother came to him late at night
  one slice of wrapped american cheese
  she offered to his hunger

grit and dirt and hair and mold
  and yells and smacks and hunger and worse
  a boy's childhood

last night like every other night
  this morning like every other morning
  out of his control.


  1. you should submit this. i'm not sure where or to whom, but i'm sure some child abuse awareness organization would appreciate this poem.

  2. powerful theme..
    liked it..

  3. There is sad truth here. It is a good write.

  4. yes, and thanks. i am sticking with the power thing.

  5. what a hell the kid lives in, yet he finds a place somewhere to bring out the beauty.
    much like Anne Frank

  6. Holy cow! What a sad tale, of boy and dog. I want to adopt them both! Very powerfully written!

  7. I decided to use this poem of yours instead for my prompt for Sunday ~ It has more power and grit ~

    Thanks ~


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