total eclipse

time passes strangely
like jejune blooms you might choose
for a prom nosegay
splashed with dried breath of baby
pinned to chiffon for one night
hungering for forever.


  1. "time passes strangely
    hungering forever"
    love this. love this!

  2. you were right, Marian.
    I do love it.

    "pinned to chiffon for one night/ hungering for forever."


  3. Heh-heh... your nose is gay.

    Sorry, but in the past few years I've been having real trouble taking any poem seriously that includes a "Twilight" reference - intentional or otherwise.

  4. damn you, eric alder!
    i don't know the first thing about stupid twilight. not that you have to take this poem seriously.
    but i'm looking at this, thinking WHAT is he even TALKING about?!?! and i haven't even had my coffee yet.
    okay, so one of the movies/books is called eclipse, is that it?
    if so, i will redeem myself to you by explaining the title of this poem to you. which i do not usually do! but for you, because you will like it, and because you have sullied this here poem, i will do it.
    it is a reference to the theme of my prom, back in the day. total eclipse of the heart by bonnie tyler.
    rock on!

  5. "Dried breath of baby"
    Love it! Also, I love Bonnie Tyler and that song in particular. Music and lyrics by Jim Steinman, wasn't it? The guy who did the Bat Out Of Hell albums with Meatloaf? Amazing stuff.

  6. yeah, it may have been jim steinman, now that you mention it. or at least it sounds like it.
    thanks, trollpants.
    oh! i really like saying thanks, trollpants!