if you lived in angel grove

i told her i was
the sixth power ranger
electra, who wore purple.

she believed me.

you took me to your family
and that is what i did.

your father on the virtues
of snorting salt water
awaiting loss of face
and hard time
your mother, you said
was a saint.

your brothers were all there
your sisters, all five
were far away.

now, that girl must be
grown, a young woman
whose mother left her
when she still believed in
power rangers.


and then, your comrade

  (the panther hollow bridge
  with no water below)

and that mother
and her child
they said why would
a mother
allow her child
to ride his bicycle
on such a busy street?

was it megazord
with his sights on you?

electra, who wore purple,
failed to save you.

failed to protect her.

the morphins, not so mighty.

(Linked to One Stop Poetry's One Shot Wednesday, Week 29.)


  1. Awesome! Great turning-around of once-pleasant childhood memories into something much less so.

  2. wow. I need to read this with the rest...

  3. is this another installment in the cycle we were talking about?

    it feels like it's telling the same story.

  4. yes, another piece of that story.
    i'm toying with putting it all together on here but haven't decided whether or how to, yet.

  5. oh wow...what a sorrow filled piece...great story telling and nice use of emotion...i also am rather fond of parenthesis...welcome to one shot...

  6. thank you! and thanks so much for the welcome. yay!

  7. Another fascinating entry, Marian. This is becoming quite an elaborate tale. Great job.

  8. thank you, Kim! i am working on it. or working it out. something like that.

  9. dang. that makes my heart turn over, a bit.

    psssst....i don't use caps either. ;-)

  10. awaiting loss of face.....

    excellent words all the way around. will reread. and maybe again.

  11. Hmm, isn't it usually those who lack power who most love its trappings?

    Glad to have found you.

  12. An interesting verse.. and so full of rawness of images.. thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay