destined: a story in poems

If you are paying attention, you've already noticed that over there, on the right, below my pretty tag cloud (words! poetry! kids! love!), I have added a new thing. Something I Wrote. I think you are gonna like it. 

I've strung together a number of poems that make up a story I've been telling here on the RS over the past year. All together there like a narrative. So there it is.

Maybe I'll add more chapters to this story, and if I do, I'll let you know. Thank you for reading, good people.

Here's the link: destined. a story in poems.


  1. thank you, my love!
    whew, somehow this feels like a big deal.

  2. It's quite a story, taken all together like that.

    Yet I feel perhaps there's still more, either still untold or still to come.

    And I'll be here when they do. :)

  3. you better be! thanks, you. xo

  4. wow, you clever girl! that was a fantastic read all together...

  5. thank you, mike!
    i didn't start out to write a story. but lately i wrote two major chapters (one of the beginning ones and the last one, which is kind of an epilogue) and i realized it read as a narrative.