cheap haiku

this damn wine tastes like
it's been in the box too long
thus my punishment

oh, denis leary
firefighter fireschmighter, i
may self-immolate

you sit there eating
chips and french onion dip, my
ass swells by proxy

so proud when you gave
up pepsi, now in your veins:
vitamin water

on the other hand
like fine wine, scott bakula
with age, i'd drink him

my blackberry is
quiet, what will i do with
myself? i'm lonely

what's wrong with me? all
the love, all of the beauty
right here next to me.


  1. Scott Bakula is good in "Men of a Certain Age" - love that show!

  2. this here is damn fine stuff
    and ya gotta remember to shake the box every once in a while :)

  3. watching men of a certain age last night, while scribbling ridiculous haiku. it is fantastic.
    but i'm a huge quantum leap fan, too.
    you know, i've heard they are making a quantum leap movie WITHOUT scott bakula and dean stockwell. how wrong!

  4. Totally wrong! Quantum Leap was a great series!

    (And LOL! at Rene's 'shake the box' comment!)

  5. seems that Rene knows of what she speaks.
    a woman after my own heart.

  6. portrayed everything wonderfully tragic about marriage and all its sweet little paradoxes.

    all that to say this.....

    loved it. related to it.

  7. girl this is SO good! You captured that moment. I love when a writer actually succeeds at that. So rare. Yum!

  8. love the title.

    sorry for missing your entry,

    when I see lots of titles, I thought it was repeated by the same blogger..

    Happy Tuesday.


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