character sketch

My grandmother wrote this when she was in college. Her character is familiar.
Her colossal egotism is the only thing that keeps me from hating her with all my heart. I admire her for it, and I can't help seeing her most of the time through the eyes of her own egotism, but when I am alone to analyze her carefully as she really is, I find that she is cold, actually caring for nobody except herself. She is emotional, too, and dramatic, making life a stage with herself as the only actress--visualizing everybody she knows as a huge, admiring audience. She doesn't believe in God, but mainly, I believe, because she loves the effect that the announcement of her disbelief always causes. She has friends, in a fashion, but none that she can confide in, although she loves to confide, and does, in almost anybody. She has the sweet and innocent air that somehow or other has led several to believe that perhaps she is a friend worth having--in fact she has led one adorable boy to believe that someday she will be a wife worth having. But I know that she won't--she wasn't meant to be a wife--she wasn't meant to do anything but live away off by herself somewhere where her spiteful, underhanded nature will never come in contact with her fellow men. 

And yet her egotism is really superb. That fact evidences itself in that she has the impudence to write this character sketch about herself.


  1. yes!
    oh, I love it!
    god, was she talented...

  2. so honest its like an ache. wow.

  3. Are you sure she didn't write this much later? It sounds like she's describing somebody I know.

    But seriously, grandma wrote a great description - I feel like I've actually met that person.

  4. i know, me too. *wink*
    eric, have you read some of my grandmother's writing on here? there is a large quantity of her poetry and other writing that you'll find if you click "my grandmother" in the word cloud.

  5. id give anything to have bits and scraps of writing from either of my grandmothers. both amazing women (beyond compare) and yet, not diary keepers!

    maybe my grandkids will be glad to have some of my writing.

    which brings up an amazing thought about all of our writing....what if it's only meant to touch a relative that hasnt even been born yet! talk about a reason to write!

  6. Yes, I've read quite a few of your grandmother's piece you have posted here.

    She definitely had a knack, which you seem to have inherited, at least a little.

    I don't know that my grandmothers ever wrote anything, but I get the feeling it was very little, if anything - cookie recipes, mostly.

  7. my grandmother did not bake much.
    southern mike, what a nice thought. grandkids? i cannot even imagine. but that is really nice to think about.