adorable art day haiku

your haiku makes me
burst out laughing, i wanna
poem spar with you

bossed into writing
constantly ruminating
thinking in haiku

kids with tempera
and a license to create
kamikaze art

brown paint looks like what?
that's so funny, poop poop poop
somebody said fart!
rinsing paintbrushes
channeling you in a zone
how you're good for me
peace sign hearts and stars
love sign spelled L O V E
and your tree tree tree

black squiggly lines
a piano in your mind
now takes shape and soars

debating skills of
pokemon: does munchlax munch
while ole snorelax snores?

domino's pizza
disgusting and delicious
makes me want to die

i'd not trade this day
of artistic reverie
all of you and i.