In the dream, I was walking around at the reunion. Ambling slowly from room to room and house to house, greeting people, shaking hands or maybe a kiss on the cheek, having a glass of wine, helping to accommodate our guests and make them feel welcome. Finding everyone settled and talking with old friends, I wandered outside, in and amongst people playing badminton, picnicking, lying on blankets in the grass under the sun. I headed up a steep hill, toward a sunny meadow at the top. Climbed and climbed. Struggled and slipped a bit at the very top, where it became quite steep and gravelly. A hand grasped mine and pulled me up. It was Jim. I hugged him and looked out over the vista, the people enjoying the reunion, then collapsed on the grass in a patch of sun. Jim walked down the other side of the hill and came back with a glass of wine for me. Lay down next to me with his head on my chest. Long moments passed this way, in the sun. Eventually I raised his head and kissed him strong. He said we should not.


  1. I need to wish you sweeter dreams, my friend.

  2. It's interesting not only that you have such vivid dreams, but that you can recall them so clearly afterwards.

  3. what's even more interesting is that these two dreams are the first dreams i have remembered in years.
    the reunion part was a big maze of stress and anxiety and what-have-i-not-prepared. a few moments of sweetness, lying in the sun with a friend. which i ruined.

  4. oops, i take that back. a couple months ago, i dreamed about an amish wedding, where i was wandering around amongst all these people and could not recognize the bride, who was someone with whom i had grown up. and THAT dream was definitely the first i have remembered in years.


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