small moments matter

Maybe it's the approaching holidays, or the wistful brevity of daylight, but I am feeling the strong desire to focus inward, on kids, family, light, love, all that. All the good. Here is a poem I wrote a while back for my friend Nichole, as part of her Small Moments Mondays series. I wanted to see it again, to feel it again. So here it is. It's called Small Moments.
regular worries
time well spent
effort expended
are we bright enough
are we bold enough


you say people are horrible
you live in darkness
for me
racing thoughts
fleeting anxieties

give way to small moments
sweetness and light
half full

our daily soundtrack

(an inappropriate tune)

paper dolls meet scenery
with a happy song
fight song
victory song

living in an art house

(never stop drawing)

big words
big ideas
big plans

kiss me
kiss kirby
kiss yoshi
kiss purple lamby
kiss me

butterfly kiss
eskimo kiss
forever kiss
crinkled nose

window silhouettes

(see me)

sharing words
reading aloud
snuggle up
my face entangled
in whisper fine hair
lulled by sweetness
dozing off

you arouse me
your hair in my eyes
i embrace you
hazy dream

little voices
and it begins again

hurt one cries
mama I liked you holding me

you say people are horrible
you dwell in darkness

from my place of light
i can be strong enough
strong for her
strong for them
for you
for us.