Evelyn is a wonderful poet and a wonderful friend. I've told you about her before, and her blog, Filling A Hole. If you haven't clicked through to read her stories and poetry, you really should. She is very, very special, brave and beautiful.

Evelyn, too, has been writing cinquains this month, and in fact she's kicking my ass as she's up to 31 compared to my paltry 23. If you think I'm prolific, check her out. She is a writing machine. But, hey, it's less a competition and more about encouraging and inspiring one another to write.

So she had this brilliant idea of writing some poems together, line by line. And we tried it out last week. So far, we've written three poems this way. I'll publish all three, but here is the first:


How fun to be a muse:
posing, twirling
flouty skirt, flaunty walk
because you like to watch.

Appetite to inhale me
calories to burn,
tippy toes, moving prose
when will I learn?

Use my powers for good.

If you be good to me,
I will show you.