three generations

Love, love this photo. That's me on the left, my mom on the right holding my sister's hand. Sister, typically trying to cause some trouble. My aunt with the bandana, my mother's younger sister, for whom I am named. And my grandmother in the background, inside, hands on hips, looking out over us. At a summer rental cabin, I'm guessing 1974.


  1. that's just lovely.

    and so precious.

  2. it is, really.
    my folks just called to debate where the heck this photo was taken. they hadn't seen the photo before.
    i think it was taken at a cabin rented by my grandmother at Presque Isle in Erie, Pennsylvania.
    but we are not sure.
    this photo came to me in a drawer of my grandmother's desk. there was an envelope with a few snapshots in the drawer when i received the desk.
    talk about precious.

  3. Omg! I remember that shirt you had:). Seems just like yesterday!

  4. I've never seen this photo, either, and I thought I maintained the photo archives. Great find! Mom looks amazing. And I don't think I'm causing trouble, I'm just trying to escape their clutches.

  5. trying to escape their clutches so you can cause trouble. trust me, that's what you were doing.

    linda! you remember that shirt? how cool. big love to you.

  6. I love this photo.


    Love how confidently you are standing and staring at the photographer.

    Who took the photo, do you know?

  7. i don't know. my folks called to talk about this photo, because they hadn't seen it before and didn't know where it was taken. i would have assumed my father took the shot, but he says no. i do know i was crazy about my aunt who was standing next to me, which could account for my confident look. and i'm pretty all sure the cabin was at Presque Isle in Erie, PA.


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