some things about you

you were uncompromising
  about politics (don't bother arguing)
  about religion (always and never)
  about grammar (are you listening, George Will?)

you were passionate
  about baseball (the Pirates)
  about music (real jazz)
  about Lebanon (and war)
  about bridge (and your friends)

you left the kitchen door open for the beer man
you brought me a stuffed bulldog from Copenhagen
  i named it Schmidty, after your beer
you served fancy shrimp cocktail on Christmas Eve
  and gave lottery tickets as prizes
you wrote me letters when i went to college
you hoped i would become an ACLU lawyer

you would have claimed Jon Stewart as one of your own
  and been proud to vote for our President
you would have pushed me farther when i faltered
  and loved me harder
you would have adored your great-grandchildren
  and shined your words on them.