some things about you

you were uncompromising
  about politics (don't bother arguing)
  about religion (always and never)
  about grammar (are you listening, George Will?)

you were passionate
  about baseball (the Pirates)
  about music (real jazz)
  about Lebanon (and war)
  about bridge (and your friends)

you left the kitchen door open for the beer man
you brought me a stuffed bulldog from Copenhagen
  i named it Schmidty, after your beer
you served fancy shrimp cocktail on Christmas Eve
  and gave lottery tickets as prizes
you wrote me letters when i went to college
you hoped i would become an ACLU lawyer

you would have claimed Jon Stewart as one of your own
  and been proud to vote for our President
you would have pushed me farther when i faltered
  and loved me harder
you would have adored your great-grandchildren
  and shined your words on them.


  1. I miss Gram <3


  2. oh! Andrea! i miss her, too. so very much.
    thanks so much for reading. i love you!

  3. She sounds like a truly amazing woman.

    And I see her in you, my friend.

  4. that is very nice to hear, thank you, love.
    the photo is just killing me. it is a file photo from when she was a reporter, i believe. the photo i have is about 1.5 inches square. it looks amazing all big and vibrant on the screen. now she is gazing directly at me. it's hard for me to turn away.

  5. I just wrote about my grandmother- they are very important people. Sometimes the hardest part of the life cycle is losing those who offered/taught so much before we were truly ready to accept all that was offered.

  6. yes, you are exactly right, Jack. thanks for your very kind comment. i have regrets. which is probably apparent from my writing about her.

  7. Your words are lovely, as always.

    But her photo is haunting.

    The way she looks right at me.

    She does not look like a woman who took crap from anyone.

    Love that.

  8. i know, the photo is huge. not so much haunting to me.
    but really present and clear.
    now i find myself clicking over to this page a few times a day just to check in with her.
    a gift.

  9. megan, the best comment I've ever read. thank you.
    my entire RS is a memorial to her, really.

  10. I think it's wonderful that you carry so much of your grandmother with you, in you, the perpetual presence.

    I have vague memories of my grandmothers, but what I have is good. Not so deep and intricate as what you carry, but enough so I remember.

  11. i really do carry her with me.
    her heart in my heart, as e e cummings said.
    but really more than her heart in my heart, her mind in my mind, maybe.

  12. women are capable, could be that wild..

    bravo, thanks for the highlight ..

    Happy Potluck.

  13. o how they leave their prints on our hearts, souls and lives, forever, just magic!!!
    Enjoy the rally!

  14. brilliant remembrance! She's smiling with love :)

  15. ahhh i miss her.
    i've published a quantity of my grandmother's writing here, too. if you are interested, click "my grandmother" in the tag cloud to see.

  16. One of several poems I've read today about grandmothers, and it still gets me going! A lovely tribute to this woman. Well written.


  17. Oh this was lovely. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  18. Lovely poem - filled with emotion and sweet, precise memories

  19. A great tribute!

  20. a lovely tributary.. my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/remain/

  21. I like this. Strikes me as gritty and telling it as it was. Well done, a great compliment to the lady.

  22. thank you, lovely people.
    she was a truly great lady, that is for sure.

  23. it touches the deepest place of heart. beautiful and straight from the very depth of a heart full of love.



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