rock star

you told me i was a rock star.

i knew i was a rock star
i thought we could hold hands
and fly
and do anything.

because we were rock stars.

but soon enough, i did not please you
i was a disappointment
there was something wrong with me.

why was i not bold?
why did i not soar?
why did i not trust?

who hurt me?

you had my back.

i did not wait for the next question.
i will not entertain you with my tears.

you will not bang your gong
to cheer my conquests.


  1. You're always a rock star in my book.

    Now bite the head off of something for me.

  2. as you know, i am an animal-loving vegetarian.
    can i smash a perfectly good guitar instead?

  3. Favorite part
    "You had my back.
    I did not wait for the next question"

  4. huh. hard for me to like this poem.
    the writing prompt was to write about a villain.
    so maybe that's why.

  5. I like this poem, the structure is pleasing to me.

  6. hello, Mommy Lisa! and thank you.
    dude, lots of poems on here with structure similar to this. keep reading!
    xo and thanks for coming over.

  7. "i will not entertain you with my tears"

    oh, yes.

  8. yes, indeed.
    and i feel compelled to issue a disclaimer: this poem is not about my old man. not even.

  9. I know this speaker...thinking something was wrong with her because the rock star did not want her anymore. he was done with her. someone needs to tell her SHE is the rock star and he is the douche.

    love this.

  10. love you, katie! and thank you.
    a villain, indeed.
    she knows she's a rock star, but it took some time to get her groove back.
    rock on!

  11. My favorite line is "I will not entertain you with my tears". It's so bold and strong. Something that I would want to say, but not be able to.

  12. What a great interpretation of the prompt. I've been in that spot so many times (especially in my twenties when men seemed to walk all over me a lot).

  13. everybody, now: "WE ARE ALL ROCK STARS!"
    no more villains for us.

  14. thank you, good women. indeed.

  15. Very good!

    I like the line, "i will not entertain you with my tears". She (I assume) is moving on, decided to not let them get to her anymore.

    I enjoy reading your poetry!

  16. thank you, Jackie! i enjoy that you are reading.

  17. Sigh.

    I'm glad this person is gone from your life.

    But not your memory.

    There is knowledge to be gained from the pain we allow others to inflict upon us.


  18. yes. an understatement actually, in this case.
    this is a first, very tentative attempt to write about something very big. that i need to write about. don't hold your breath, but maybe cross your fingers.
    thanks, Kris.

  19. "i will not entertain you with my tears."

    Love it, love it, love it.

    I need to write a you-suck letter to a boyfriend or two.

    Yes. That would feel fantastic.

  20. love you, love you, love you.
    get that shit out. you'll feel so good.
    come back here, too. lots of fun.


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