you are my heart

bright star
tomorrow's promise
pages turned

harvest moon
shining moment
lessons learned

almond eyes to swim or drown in
ripe morning breath to inhale as my own
my face in your hair
a hand to hold
i wrap my arms around you and hold tight

breathe you in

make a wish
to keep you close

you are my heart.


  1. Aww she is beautiful. There's nothing quite like breathing in their scent. Xo

  2. awww, he surely is beautiful. that's my son, my first-born baby boy! (common mistake, however, what with the beauty and the hair and the pink)

    and big bad xoxo love to you, my dear. thank you for coming over.

  3. Happy Birthday to your baby!

    looks like he had a perfect cake,

    and not every Mama writes poetry like that.

    lucky lucky boy!

  4. we all had a great day.
    and all i can ever think is, lucky lucky mama.
    love to you, CDG.

  5. Oh, Marian, I love this line: "almond eyes to swim or drown in."
    Absolute perfection.

    And a belated Happy Birthday to your sweet boy.

  6. The sweetness is killing me.

    Also? When I was a young boy? My mother sent me to school one day with a note pinned to my shirt that said "I am a boy," because the teachers kept trying to send me to the girl's restroom.

    Explains a lot about me, actually.

  7. people have always thought he's a girl, even when his hair was shorter. i think it's because he's beautiful, with big dreamy eyes. which is a sad commentary, but not sad about my kid, who's quite self-assured.

    Nigel, maybe you should still wear that note pinned to your shirt. just in case.

    Nichole, just love to you. thanks for getting my words.

  8. The picture and your words are just as sweet as the cake.

  9. he is the sweetest boy for sure.


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