the weight

you drove away
with your bureau and that cat

i do not like all cats.

some entrance
hitting town
station wagon heavy
the weight of your possessions
and your choices

why did you take all the rice?


  1. I do not like ANY cats, or dogs, undecided about living things in general... But RICE? I adore. That bastard.

  2. i like cats. but not that cat.
    no dogs.
    rice? adorable, yes. a necessity.
    and i like nigel.

  3. Ooooh . . . I do like this poetry of yours that does not ask my brain to seek out the numbered syllables.

    This is gorgeous.

    And the empty spaces you have left for me to fill?

    Love those.

    Thank you.

  4. I have decided. And I totally get the cat thing. Some pets, like some children, are not always so friendly. Maybe that sounds mean...

  5. "i do not like all cats."
    HA! I love it when one lil word changes a sentence like that.


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