memory of chaos

fancy lawyers
first amendment rights
and bad moral character

were nothing, compared to
a twisted bicycle
rain on hot pavement
sending you careening
into a group of children

that child. that mother.

that child.

i had run away
down south

away from you and your needs
silver bells and bare shoulders
country music and truck drivers
nesting on arrival

i sought the ocean
an expanse of pure, unobstructed shore
for healing

on the ferry, a little boy
not unlike you
demanded every attention
all eyes on the boy
all efforts for the boy
i hated that boy.

the sunset erased all memory of chaos
the adirondack chair cradled my back
the shooting stars absorbed my tears
the wine drowned the noise

for a night. for one night.

in the morning, my obligation
headed north
to care for you.


  1. my pal Lizzy Danger gave me the line:
    "the sunset erased all memory of chaos"
    and she wrote a poem with this line, too.
    you can read it here:


    Lizzy rocks. yeah, yeah.

  2. OK, this sort of poetry?

    With fewer rules ans restraints?

    In which I feel as though I can see you?

    Really see you?

    I love this.

    So very much.

    This is just amazing.

  3. thank you.

    sometimes writing comes out more restrained, sometimes not. i like how this one came out, too.


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