i found magic

in a magical room
we lay on our backs
your hand on my leg
fingers tapping
keeping time with the fan

i turned to you
pressed my face to your neck
held my breath for a long moment
breathed out and uttered it

you rolled over and kissed me hard
magic fell from the ceiling
and gathered inside of me


  1. I read this with the title as the first line.
    I am SUCH a sucker for poetry...

  2. aw. love.

    hey nicole, lots more of my poetry here if you look. and i've also published many poems that my grandmother wrote when she was in college, and those are very much worth seeking out. just click on "my grandmother" in the word cloud thingy to the right.

  3. Well, this is all kinds of sexy.

    Love that.

  4. eric, thanks for unearthing this. i do really like it, too.